October 24, 2006

There are foundation walls!

We have foundation walls, even if they are not cured (still 'green', as the contractor says)!
Here are a few photos to explain the process.
Since our foundation walls are elevated (because of the floodplain regulations), the forms are above ground level... and the cement trucks needed a 'tela-belt' system to get the cement from the cement truck's chute up to the top of the forms.
Here, the cement truck, on the left, drops the cement on a conveyor belt that takes it up to another conveyor belt, which can be extended and moved around the house as needed.
The cement falls down a canvas chute, which had to be held in place, and guided along the wall.
It seemed to me that the guy holding the chute had a HARD job!

The last section of the conveyor system can be raised and lowered, and moved along the wall. It is controlled by a guy on the ground with a control box hanging on his chest... He moved some levers and pushed some buttons! Neat! I heard the contractors talking about how some conveyor operators are better than others and they made the comment that maybe video games were good practise for skill at working this control box!

This guy walked along the top of the walls... pushing in a vibrating rod every few feet.
I guess this 'shakes' out any air pockets that might be left... as well as keeping the larger pebbles in the concrete away from the sides of the walls.

My sister in law sent a wonderful lunch!
She was worried about how many people I would have to cook for... and since my mom and brother came down to watch the work, my sister in law sent this wonderful basket of goodies:
Delicious homemade buns with all sorts of goodies inside, several kinds of tasty bars, and two jars of lemonade! Isn't she wonderful????

To top off the excitement of the day: the house salesguy called to verify where we wanted vinyl or carpet... and said the house was 'online' and they were laying the flooring!!!!!
SO: when will the house arrive?
Will it arrive before we have the walls ready... and the fill dirt moved in?

Or will it all work out just right?

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