October 22, 2006

Snow, sun, then rain!

Monday, the contractor's crew began setting up the forms for the foundation.
Tuesday morning we woke up to snow! It IS THAT TIME OF YEAR!

Wednesday and Thursday, the sun came out and we had several beautiful days! Work continued.
Rain was predicted for Friday and the forms were covered 'just in case'. YES, it did rain! Just look at all the water setting around! And this photo was taken midday!
The men had work to do.. so they moved the lumber and saw inside the tool trailer.

Cement was scheduled for Saturday... but is now postponed until Tuesday! Don't tell all the farmers and ranchers in Montana, who are very happy to see this moisture:
I hope it doesn't rain this weekend... so that our road and the house site is dry and firm enough for the heavy cement trucks to drive on!

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