October 30, 2006

Not An Easy Job

The cement was poured... the walls have hardened, and I was thinking the job would be 'downhill' from here. I was wrong.
The father and son crew have spent the past three days taking down, cleaning, and stacking the foundation forms. Each form section was pryed off the wall, then all four sides were cleaned of any concrete lumps, bumps, and ridges remaining! It looked like very tedious, repetitive work!

The third member of the crew was not to be seen; he had taken off several days to go hunting and simply had not returned to work!
I helped for several hours... I was definitely unskilled labor. But I did feel sorry for those two working in the cold wind!

When all the forms were loaded, and the contractors gone for the day, the house site looked a bit more like a house could be moved in!

The next step is to add steel beams across the width of the foundation. The house will rest upon these beams.

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