October 13, 2006

Men In Trees

Okay, I borrowed that title from a new TV show,
but I DID have 'Men In Trees' yesterday!

The power company came and changed several poles and added a line up to our house footings.
Even though it wasn't part of his job, one very helpful guy used his bucket truck and cut off the top of the big tree in the yard! This tree was so big and tall that it would have been hard for John to cut it down with only his tractor. Plus it was so much easier to drop all those limbs while the power lines were in the process of being changed!
Today begins the work of cleaning up the mess!

But see the foundation is still 'just footings' under the blankets! Boo, hoo!
I think I will need to learn to knit socks like Laurie, so that I have something to help keep my sanity!

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