October 8, 2006

It rained!

It rained!
I know the rangeland, cropland, and EVERYTHING in drought-stricken Montana needed the rain, BUT I can't help feeling a bit sad that it interrupted work on my new house foundation!
Friday evening, the contractor scheduled the concrete trucks to arrive at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday.... then we received just under an inch of rain during the night!
So, early Saturday morning, work was postponed for a few days, depending upon how fast the roads dry and firm up.
The concrete trucks come approximately 60 miles... most of it on highway, but the last 15 miles will be on a gravel county road... and it doesn't have much gravel!
So it is 'wait and see'!
Here is a photo of the footing forms, waiting for concrete!
(Notice how the trees in the background have changed from green to fall colors, and are now loosing their leaves! Yikes!)

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