October 10, 2006

The Footings Are Done!

The footings are poured! and we are waiting a few days for them to cure.... THEN, the foundation walls will go up!

One strange thing: some days, when I look at the house site, it seems small, and I wonder how we are ever going to get all our 'stuff' in it! On other days, it seems huge, and I wonder how I will ever fill it!
Hee, Hee!
Today it seemed big... but you have to remember there won't be a basement or attic.
In actual square foot area, the new house will be about 200 square feet larger than our older house with it's basement, attic, and attached porches.

The weather here is cold, especially at nights, so the concrete footings are covered by special blankets, to hold in the concrete's heat, the earth's heat... and to keep any rain showers from doing damage.
In a few days, there will be more activity!

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