October 3, 2006

The Contractor's Boots....

We should have left the contractor to his work... but it was lots of fun to get him talking! There seems to be so many things he has done!
Our cats were investigating the interior of his trailer, and he happened to mention that his wife has adopted one of the Katrina dogs... and then we found out their household also is home to two ferrets, another dog and numerous cats.
Slowly, the list of animals he and his wife have owned grew: potbellied pigs, registered dogs, canaries, a parrot, horses, goats, and more.
So what made him go to his pickup and bring out the boot?
And what is so special about the boot?

He mentioned that they had at one time raised ostriches... and the boots were made from full-quill ostrich hide from one of his birds.
Hummm, wonder what else we will discover about our contractor?
Hopefully, the fact that he works fast and well!!!
I don't think we have to worry: he earned praise from my brother!
(above, left to right: son Grant, husband John and the contractor Dale Jones)

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Wade said...

I love this picture, a true classic