August 18, 2006


Early 2006, we chose Karsten Homes as the manufacturer.... and chose the SE-08 floorplan as a starting point. Here is the original floorplan:

We needed more space... and the layout of the rooms needed some 'rearranging'... to fit our unique ranch lifestyle. After a few months of trading floorplans with the house seller, we came up with this rough draft:

We went from 2,080 square feet with the original plan, to 3, 500 square feet with the stretched length and additional tags.

We modifed the original plan to allow space for all of our outdoor work clothing, two freezers, the cream seperator, and our vet supplies. I wanted the kitchen window to face West... I love to do dishes as the sun sets! John wanted a window on the North side, so we could see the road in and watch for the arrival of grain semi trucks. Grant wanted room for a future pool table. The men have lots of gear for their outdoor sports, and I wanted an area to store my canvas and frames, as well as a place to leave my painting easel set up!

I think the plan includes most, if not all, of the things we needed and wanted!

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