October 23, 2012

'Things will be different this time...' by Laurie

... Oh, I hope not EVERYTHING will be different this time, Laurie In Maine!  You had such beautiful violets in the past; I hope THAT doesn't change!  And by the most recent photo on your blog, I would say you still have that 'violet thumb'!
       Here are a few photos I found of your violet stands in the past.  You had posted these photos on The Violet Voice group.

Laurie's December 2003 violets:

Another photo from May 2006:
These photos/plants are discussed in her Socks Have No Thumbs blog, which included interesting posts of her violets during those years.  She has continued the 'Sock's blog to talk about family, quilting and knitting, as well as beautiful photos! 

To see photos of her violets today, and to read all about the plants that arrived in her care August 14th, and which are now blooming on her shelf, visit her African violet blog:  Thou Shalt Not Kill {African Violets}.

I wish my violet shelves looked like hers................  :(


Laurie in Maine said...

Laughing out loud ... Tom came into the room and caught me actually :)
Told him my friend has posted pictures of plants I killed in 2003 and the ones I killed in 2006!
NO REALLY! Things will be different this time!! ♥
Watch for your (Halloween) mailman in a few days ...

Mrs John said...

When I think of all the wonderful varieties I have LOST (doesn't 'lost' sound better than 'killed') I feel like laughing hysterically! :(
Believe it or not, I have not been able to find a Candy Swirls that blooms white with lots of pink... like you and I both had years ago!!!

Mrs John said...

OH, BOO!! :)
Yesterday, I found a smiling trio of smiling pumkins in my mailbox!!! :) :) :)
Sounded like you just 'whipped' it out in a 'crafting moment'!
Very creative, and artistic!

Mrs John said...

PUMPKINS.... pumkins, indeed!

Laurie in Maine said...

Just heavy rain and a little wind here from Hurricane Sandy...didn't even uproot the crappy political sign across the road :)