October 20, 2011

I finally ran out of JARS!!!

Everyone has been giving me empty canning jars... and as my garden grew this summer, I dreamed big and 'scrounged' even more jars!  Mom bought several cases of NEW ones because she 'didn't want me to run out'!  Well, I finally came to the end!
The end of the empty jars....
The end of the garden produce....
The end of my ENERGY!!!!  :)
Final Count:  (also including frozen cartons and bags) 389 jars (most pints and quarts, a few 1/2 pints)

I was busy all summer, watering and pulling weeds.... so didn't post any photos of the veggies...
I will add an update of the yard work this winter, before seed-starting time for 2012, I PROMISE!!

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