July 29, 2010

Dutch Bantams --- new for 2010

I am trying three new breeds for 2010.  I was pleasantly surprised with the Porcelein Dutch bantams.  This breed was an after-thought as we were ordering other chicks, and I had originally ordered a different color.  But the hatchery substituted Porcelein.   And it turned out nicely!!!  A neighbor and I split up the chicks when they arrived, and just recently swapped back and forth until we each had the pullets and cockrels we wanted! :)  The rooster pictured here, Porch, was handraised by the neighbor and loved to perch on top of everything, just to see what was going on, hence the name Porch!! :)  Here he among his girls.

I also have a pair of Light Brown Dutch bantams.  I don't have a great photo of them but will add them later as I watch and review the breed.

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