June 3, 2009

"Chicks in Mail" Experience:

Long Story Short:
Mid April, I placed an order for baby chicks, to arrive the first week in June.
Mid May, I called to add on another 5 chicks of a different breed.
I was told they would arrive May 21-22.
They did not arrive. I was told they would ship the next week.
No chicks that week.
They arrived today.
I expected the worst, because I had been told they would not be 'day old' chicks, but week-, and two week-old. ???? Most hatcheries ship 'day old chicks' because the chick absorbs the yolk into it's abdomen in the hours just before hatching, and they do not need food or water for 48 hours or even longer.... so chicks mailed at that age survive the days spent in a box in the mail.
However, I have found that older chicks suffer if they are without water for a day, such as when they tip over their waterer and I don't notice it until the next day.
SO: I very apprehensively, slowly opened the box.... and the lid just BURST off! And chicks began flying all over!!! I had chicks everywhere! But not one dead one... and the few that were a bit wobbly, improved after a drink and lunch!!!

I couldn't resist taking a photo, and then making it into a puzzle!!!
The puzzle is here:
Austra White Chicks Puzzle

Frost on June 1st!!!

Just a quick note to record what I hope is 2009's last spring frost: June 1st -- 31 degrees F. No real damage done....