September 30, 2006

15 Minutes of Work! *Photo* (9-29-06)

The contractor FINALLY came!
But he only worked for about 15 minutes before he was called back to a work site in his hometown!!!! - :( - But at least there are a few piles of dirt moved around!
Photo taken on September 29:

September 28, 2006

Time Drags On... Photo

Time is going by......
and nothing much has changed at the house site!
Here is a photo, taken on September 28:

The contractor says a crew will begin here soon...... Oh, I hope so! The problems and delays are very frustrating and discouraging!
Every day, more leaves turn color and many are beginning to fall!!!

September 25, 2006

Problems -or- "6 hours a day"

I must admit that 'house work' ( meaning work on getting the new house ready to live in ) has taken SO much time! I wish I had kept a journal of all the problems, roadblocks, and unforeseen questions that has become a part of what started out to be a 'simple' job of buying a home!

I have literally spent most of each day: reading, studying, and figuring on this house! I did not know that I would have to learn so much about how a house is built, set up, insured, and 'up to code'!

Here is a general schedule, according to the two notebooks that I have completely filled with writing:
  • June 15th on: 2 hours a day --- reworking floorplans and scale drawings, and trying to figure out if we can afford this!
  • July 15th on: 4 hours a day --- on phone with house salesmen and negotiating prices, began work on state and local permits
  • August 1st on: 6 hours a day --- began talking to contractors, surveyors, and county sanitarian --- ordered house, signed contract... began clearing ground at the house site
  • September 1st on: 4 hours a day --- changing foundation plans, working on floodplain requirements and the surveyor's report, ordered cistern, etc., and hired a contractor... on the phone ALOT!
  • October 1st on: MY WORK IS ALMOST DONE! I can't wait for the contractor and my husband to begin work on their part of the 'new house'!