June 30, 2006

Instant Gratification -or- My Frustration!

We've all heard the term 'instant gratification'. It is often used like this: 'In this modern age, too many people are used to getting what they what, when they want it, and at any cost.' I have heard people actually boast of behaving in this way: "I wanted it right now, so I just went ahead and bought it." or "I saw that beautiful quilt and asked around the show until I found one for sale. Boy, I wish I could sew something beautiful like that."

I enjoyed the first part of an article, It Takes Time by Nan Russell:

The story goes that after one of Ludwig van Beethoven's performances, several people were offering
him their congratulations, when one woman commented, "I wish God had bestowed me with such genius." "It isn't genius, madam, nor is it magic." Beethoven replied. "All you have to do is practice on your piano eight hours a day for 40 years."

That's not the message most people want to hear. Most people would prefer to buy the magazine which headlines, "Miracle Weight Loss Discovery," in the hopes of finding a quick solution before their class reunion,
rather than start a daily diet and exercise program. They'd sooner check out a seminar promising, "become a millionaire within months" rather than start a debt reduction, monthly savings plan. And they'd rather put their future hopes in a weekly lottery ticket than in themselves.

It's an instant messaging, plug-and-play world. Too often we bring that instant gratification thinking into
our workplace. We have little patience for the business idea that doesn't show an immediate return. We aren't interested in learning how to do something; we just want to do it. We don't want to hit the singles, just the home runs. We want mastery, money and success. And we want it now.

..... People who are winning at working ... know what happens to them, is up to them. Just like a house is built stone-by-stone, they know they build their own work success step-by-step. They know it takes time, and they use that time wisely.

Personally, I think we all have been tempted to 'GET' something already created, when we could just as easily 'WORK' at creating the same for ourselves. Sometimes, I wonder if we don't excuse ourselves by saying: 'I need a little treat for myself' or 'I don't do this too
often' or the one I find myself using: 'I don't do many other extravagant things!'

In an African Violet perspective, this 'instant gratification' can border on 'addiction'. And particularily when buying new plants. And I am not talking about buying more plants than will fit in your house. That is a different subject altogether.. that is insanity! ;)

I have recently been horrified by the high prices people seem willing to pay for African violet plants and leaves on Ebay. Okay, I understand the desire to have a certain variety, and the real need to bid when there is something beautiful. That is addiction too... addiction to Ebay, that thrill of getting a bargin and of bidding wars.
But the thing that makes it so terrible to me is the fact that the same variety is most often available from an African Violet vendor, at much cheaper prices!

I have heard the arguement that it is nice to see what size of plant you are buying... but I have seen Ebay auctions go sky high even without a photo of the plant. In several instances, the varieties was indeed hard to find, but many Ebay descriptsions say HTF, when the same variety is listed on more than one online AV catalog.

I don't consider spending the high price the terrible part... if someone truely wants a certain variety and it TRUELY IS NOT AVAILABLE anywhere else, I say 'go for it'. My price threshhold is not very high, but then again it has not been tested by an Ebay auction for a variety that was NOT available elsewhere.
In all but one or two cases of the last 30 or more I checked, HTF varieties on Ebay were NOT that HARD TO FIND!

I just had to vent my frustration!

WHY DOESN'T EVERYONE DOUBLE-CHECK other sources, ESPECIALLY when the prices GETS OVER $20 or higher????!!!!!!

I have a great example:

Last month, I followed Alana's link to the winners of last year's AVSA National Convention Show... and fell in love with Rose Buddies. I had no idea there was such a neat yellow-flowering violet! The first thing I did was a search using African Violet Search.. with not much results showing up there. I did an Ebay search and, if I were to believe the prices there, would have expected it to be one that is HTF and always with a high price.

Then, within one week, I received two vendor catalogs in the mail that listed Rose Buddies leaves.. one at $2.75 per leaf packet of two leaves, and the other at $1.00 a leaf! I promptly emailed Violet Gallery and asked if they had 4 leaves of Rose Buddies available. They said yes, so I ordered 2 leaf packets! A few days later, I received a wonderful PLANT of Rose Buddies!

The plant has three leaves that are hanging way out to one side, but to me they are saying 'pick me.. to plant' ! So I have three leaves to plant AND a nice, well-rooted plant of an age to begin to bloom very, very soon!

So, once again, I say:

Check the AV vendors... and don't pay HIGH prices for plants and leaves,
if you don't have to!

(maybe I should add a disclaimer: "My opinons only" if I post a topic like this? But, remember, that is what this diary is for! ) :)

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