June 30, 2006

I have started a Blogger 'diary'

I have just begun an African violet diary on Blogger.com.... and I thought you all might be interested. In fact, if you are reading this on The Violet Voice messageboards, you are actually reading one of my posts!
Here are a few of the features I like the best:

  • no ads, even on the basic accounts
  • you can have more than one blog... so you can experiment with one and have one as your 'good' journal
  • you can add posts to the journal simply by sending an email from your email program! (note: you cannot add photos to these posts; you have to add photos by posting from the blogger.com site.)
  • the template of the blog and posts can be customized in many ways!

Other features that you may find interesting and to some purpose:

  • You may upload 300 MB of photos, although the photos can not be shown on other pages or messageboard.
  • search your blog, haven't tried this yet!

Blogger journals and blogs is also available in other languages than English.

I first joined Blogger.com three years ago and my account seems to have been up and available all this time. Their cookies, etc. seem to work fine on both my desktop and laptop computers.

There are options to set that will send all posts to an email address... I simply set the email to come to The Violet Voice... (WHICH DOES NOT APPEAR TO WORKING AT THE MOMENT... I am blaming it on MSN and the fact that it is a weekend, MSN's busiest time!) :(

p.s. Thanks again, Laurie! This is fun! ;)

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